• Preventing produce waste and feeding the hungry
  • Gleaning surplus produce to donate to local food banks
  • Creating More Produce for Schools

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Ag Against Hunger’s mission is to help end hunger by channeling fresh, healthy surplus fruit and vegetables from local farms to food banks and schools.

  • We collect nutritious and fresh surplus fruits and vegetables from local growers and shippers
  • We consolidate the surplus produce at our cooler
  • We distribute the produce to food banks and non-profit agencies
  • Food banks and agencies give the fresh produce at no cost to people in need
  • We accept donations in all forms. Bitcoin is also accepted.
  • To enable easy transactions we recommend running bitcoin up plattform test prior to making the transaction.
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Ag Against Hunger
We prevent produce waste and feed the hungry by gathering surplus fresh produce and distributing it to food banks and schools.
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